Winning Gold Medal of INPEX
America's largest invention
trade show in for MCR, 2014

Winning Gold Medal

Award of Merit for MCR
(Mobile phone Contactless Reader)
is the latest invention of Ali Mizani Oskui

Award of Merit

Gold Medal of PALEXPO
(International Exhibition of Inventions
of Geneva, Switzerland), 2007

Gold Medal of PALEXPO

Winning the Gold Medal of PALEXPO
(International Exhibition of Inventions
of Geneva, Switzerland), 2007


Mobile Phone Contactless Reader (MCR)

Currently, different kinds of credit cards and electronic identity cards are issued by numerous enterprises such as insurance companies, banks, time and attendance companies, telecommunication companies, bus and metro companies in the world and are widely used for online transaction purposes. The credit cards and the electronic identity cards are of different kinds such as barcode cards, magnetic cards, contact and contactless cards with a chip, etc.

Mobile Phone Contactless Reader (MCR) reading a unique mobile subscriber ID number associated with (SIM) card of the mobile phone for online mobile transactions.

MCR is here to convert your mobile phone (any kind from smartphones to simple mobile phones) into a credit card and electronic identification card for online mobile transactions worldwide.

With MCR, users will experience a fast connection between the transaction unit and one of a bank account database or a Universal Mobile Money database for online mobile transactions.

MCR is highly secure in comparison with the use of electronic identity cards and credit cards and any user from any mobile service provider is able to use this solution.

How does it work?

The MCR includes a CPU, a receiving unit for continuously scanning communication waves on a Broadcast Control Channel (BCCH).

The communication waves are broadcasted by a Base Transceiver Station (BTS). The MCR also includes a memory unit for storing and updating the continuously scanned communication waves. A frequency meter provided in the MCR counts the scanned communication waves and measures the frequency of proximal communication wave.

Further, the MCR includes a transmitting unit for transmitting one of a unique mobile subscriber ID number to a transaction unit. Upon request by the MCR, the mobile station announces the unique mobile subscriber identification number to the MCR. The announced unique mobile subscriber identification number is transferred to one of a bank account or a Universal Mobile Money (Ummoney) database through the transaction unit for online mobile transactions.

Google patents for MCR :

Winning Honorary Diploma of PALEXPO
(International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva,
Switzerland) for Taking Gloves, 2007


Talking Gloves

Sign language is a useful means to help disabled persons to communicate with other aurally handicapped person being close to him or her with hand gestures, body gestures, facial expressions, etc. Although, this approach requires a lot of training but still does not allow communication with persons that are not capable of communicating in the sign language.

Talking gloves works as a data input device that can be operated quickly and reliably for data input using only one hand which is useful for handicapped persons or even police offices during their missions.

According to this invention, it is not necessary to determine gestures or facial or body expressions which makes the method very objective and free of errors. With two different states for each finger of one hand, the five fingers together can encode up to thirty-two different states, which is adequate to encode all characters of an alphabetic system, which usually has only twenty-six characters.

Eventually, the binary signal is transmitted to a remote device, comprising a data processing means for analyzing and translating the binary signal into data which can be in the form of sound, visual or any other output.

Google Patent for Talking Gloves :